Growing up, I always fantasized about being a singer like Whitney Houston (may she rest in peace) or Anita Baker. What makes me different from them? I have a love for music! I am very passionate about the performances that I have accomplished and I try to reach an audience for many of the same reasons as them. So again what do we not have in common? To start with, I am a southern girl from North Carolina that grew up in a city that had a population of 16,875 people. I was born with a stutter which does work well with a country accent, so i was constantly teased. As a result, I tried to stay as quiet as possible until I met one of my teachers Ms. Weislogel. She changed my whole prospective about the meaning of “communication” when she told us that music is a hidden language that you can use to communicate how you feel to others. With practice, I learned to sing expressively which in turn helped me gain an understanding of what areas that I could improve in when entertaining an audience.